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Infinia Park Warehousing Zone is a modern and representative Multi-purpose Office and Warehouse Centre with the concept of "Two In One", in addition to that it is also very strategic, as it is located in the Centre of Jakarta City.

Infinia Park was developed by PT Infinia Park Propertindo, with the concept of "Modern Minimalist" building. A very strategic location, as it is easily accessible from different directions which makes "Infinia Park" a right choice for the businessmen who intend to expand their business now as well as in the future.

"Infinia Park" was built on a land to the extent of approprimately 4.5 Ha, consisting of 86 units of Office and Warehouse, each unit with the size of land to the extent of 10 m x 24 m = 240 m2, and the total Building area per unit is 427.5 m2 ( 3 units of office room and 1 floor for the warehouse).

"Infinia Park" is an exclusive cluster designed and built by paying high attention to the "Security and Comfort" of tenants. It has only one (1) entrance and exit and is guarded by highly trained security personnel (Guntur) and equipped with CCTV.

Located in a sufficiently high area, and supported by excellent infrastructure, which will not make Infinia Park complex "Caught in a Flood". With the concept of "Two In One", Infinia Park becomes a right choice for those who want to have "An Office and to store goods" under one roof.

At present there are already some big Companies (State-Owned Enterprises and Private Companies) which have joined Infinia Park, such as : Indofarma, Inti, TVV, Mas Cargo, Schenker, Green Air Cargo, Drymix, Amway, Chemico, Kemsel, Metindo, Espi, Axis, Pandawa, etc.

Adequate facilities will make Infinia Park a right choice for you, the Tenants, in expanding the business.

Kartika Eka Paksi Foundation
PT. Wahana Bhakti Utama
PT. Infinia Park Propertindo
Number : 59/WBU/XI/2006
Number : 001/IPP/XI/2006

Construction Progress : Block B (Completed)
Construction Progress : Block A2 (Completed)
Delivery target : April 2008 (Completed)

  1. Telephone Network
  2. Internet Network
  3. Electrical Power 3.500 watts/unit
  4. PAM Water
  5. Spacious parking area
  6. Loading dan Unloading
  7. Employees Housing Complex
  8. Surrounding roads with 18 m to 20 m ROW
  9. Reinforced concrete roads
  10. 24-hour professional security
  11. Foodcourt
  12. Mushola/Mosque
  13. Accessible by 40 Feet Container
  14. Free from illegal coolies

  1. It is located between Jakarta Pusat and Jakarta Selatan.
  2. The location is proved to be free from flood.
  3. The location is free from the "3 in 1" traffic regulation.
  4. Close to Jakarta Pusat Central Business District.
  5. Close to Jakarta Toll Gate entrance/exit.
  6. Easily reached/accessible from and to Tanjung Priok port.
  7. To make the access from and to Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport easier.
  8. To make the access from and to Soekarno Hatta International Airport easier.
  9. Densely populated area.

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